Grow Your LinkedIn Network on Automate with $0 Investments

Published August 31, 2022 by Julia Shareiko-Jensen

Do you want to network with qualified professionals on LinkedIn? I've written this short guide so that you don't miss out on this opportunity. Why would you need so many connections/followers? LinkedIn has a limit of 30,000 connections, and only a small percentage of users hit this number.

By growing your network, you increase the number of people who could potentially:

  • become new customers
  • be interested in your blog or product
  • hire or be hired by you

In a nutshell, finding and submitting connection requests to a specific group may be difficult and time-consuming. So here's a hack for speeding up the process and getting a steady supply of appropriate connections.

Sales Navigator
To find your target audience you need to use Sales Navigator. It's enough to have it for one month so you can either sign up for the free trial or pay $99.99 for the Core plan.
Sales Navigator Plans
Sales Navigator Plans><meta itemprop=

It's entirely up to you: manually submit a request or utilize one of LinkedIn's automation solutions.

Remark: Although some may see using such a tool as breaking LinkedIn's rules that say you can't use automation, the truth is that repetitive and boring actions are necessary when reaching out to leads. If you don't want to hire someone to do it for you, then the tool is a great option. However, if you're a stickler for following the rules precisely, then doing it manually is still an option.

If you want to use automation, there are many software options available. I've tried most of them, and while none are perfect, I believe Waalaxy is the best option. Go to the link above an instal Chrome extension.

Good news are that they have a Free Plan that will cover all your needs in growing the network.

Waalaxy Plans
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Waalaxy Plans
Build a List
Next, take some time to build a list of your target accounts --> you can do it in Sales Navigator by using filters. Don't forget to save your lists not to loose the progress.

Hack#1 If you want a high acceptance rate, start by filtering your 2nd Degree Connections.
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Hack#2 You can connect with people from different, closed LinkedIn groups by simply choosing the group in the Groups filter.

Hack#3 If you are using the Free Plan, use it for the entire month to find and export at least 24,000 profiles. This would be enough for a whole year. Remember that it is better not to export more than 2,000 profiles per day.
The next step is to export your search result to Waalaxy list
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Now that you've found your target profile, it's time to start your campaign in Waalaxy. Here you'll decide what sort of messaging you want to deliver in connection requests and after the lead accepts your request.

Sometimes, it is appropriate to include a message when requesting to connect with someone on LinkedIn. However, there is no hard and fast rule--just use your best judgement.

Depending on your target audience, you can follow up with them and offer to subscribe to your page or share your blog posts. Just a friendly reminder that they are always welcome!
Waalaxy Campaign Start><meta itemprop=
What to Expect

After launching the campaign Waalaxy will send connection requests and follow-up messages on automate. So you can sit back and enjoy how your network is growing.

Keep in mind that if your acceptance rate is lower than 15%, it means you might be doing something wrong:

  • your LinkedIn profile is lacking the information. Here is my guide how to set-up it properly
  • wrong message requests copy
  • audience that is not interested in connecting with you

Normally the acceptance rate should be around 25-30%.

You can expect to make around 100-120 new connections per month with the Free Waalaxy Plan, without investing any money and only spending a little bit of time.

However If you want to grow your network at a faster rate, you can upgrade your plan and gain approximately 500-650 new connections per month.

Good luck ????

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